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Transur S.A. is permanently incorporating new technological elements, and implementing these in the service rendered. This allows the company to adapt to the needs of the clients, other companies, and institutions.

Equipment: Our fleet of trucks, recently incorporated into the service, abides by the rule Euro II.

The abidance of this rule is demanded by the European Economic Community for any trucks that circulate through the routes and highways of countries who belong to it. As a consequence, the environmental requisites are met.

In our fleet we contain the following trucks:

-Gathering equipment of lateral load, brand IVECO, model 2008.

They have a loading capacity of 6 to 8 tons of urban residues.

Equipped with a compacting system and a dumping box. Important capacity to adapt to lands which are considered difficult to move through, because of their speed and power.

Recolectores de carga lateral                de carga lateral marca IVECO modelo 2000.

-Gathering equipment of rear load, brand IVECO, model 2008.


Loading capacity of 11 to 12 tons of urban residues.

Equipped with a compacting system of great power and a dumping box. Due to its immense loading capacity it is an ideal machine for the recollection of residue.

-Mechanical Sweepers, washing and vacuuming the city streets.


Due to its swiftness of displacement it can be used to clean up large areas, as well as neighborhoods.

-Dumpers, brand IVECO model 2008, its functions is to collect garbage.

Equipped with a dumping box and a container of 20 cubic meters.

This service allows the collection of garbage in general and also a more specific form of collection, when required by the community.

-Anti-Obstructers, brand IVECO, model 2008


Powerful equipment utilized against the obstruction of waterways due to accumulation of garbage.
-Serves a great deal in emergencies (storms, floods, and ect.) and its service is offered by our company to civilian associations in times of need.

-Moving trucks brand IVECO, model 2008.

Used in the moving of solid household residue. The same vehicles are used from the household pickup, to the final disposal destination.

These trucks have a loading capacity of 30 cubic meters of residue.

-Ford Ranger trucks, double cabin.

Used for the supervision of services and for and for the immediate response to the needs of the neighborhood.


Transur S.A - Complejo Pilar Bureau
Tel 0230-4473665/67
Ruta Panamericana Km. 49,500
Complejo Pilar Bureau Sur, Planta Baja OF 325
1629 Pilar, Buenos Aires - Argentina

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